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Adams Iron Set Golf Clubs

Iron set golf clubs cover a wide range of different types of irons that you can use to supplement your golf game. The sizes available extend all the way from 2-irons to 9-irons, each of which is designed to be used in a different situation when on the course. Adams clubs are available for both right-handed and left-handed dexterity types.

What are the different shaft materials available with Adams clubs?

When you are selecting one or more of the Adams irons styles, you will be presented with a choice of two different shaft materials to select from, each of which offers something different to your game.

  • Graphite: This is a light shaft that can help you achieve a swing that has more speed to it, therefore increasing the amount of distance that the ball travels, which can be beneficial if you have a slow swinging motion.
  • Steel: These are relatively heavy shafts that provide a high amount of feedback when swinging the iron, allowing you to determine if the swing was good or not. This type of shaft allows for more control during your swing.
What do the different flex types mean?

There are five flex types that are available with Adams clubs. The flex that you decide to use all depends on how far you typically hit the ball as well as the comfort you have when swinging.

  • Extra stiff: This is a type of flex that is designed mainly to be used by golfers who hit the ball at a lengthy 275-300 yards or higher. They usually come with a small loft degree.
  • Stiff: This type of flex is common among golfers with a low-mid handicap and is meant to be used for golfers who can hit the ball around 225-250 yards.
  • Regular: This flex is relatively loose and forgiving, which is why it is used primarily by golfers who can hit the ball over 175 yards but less than 225 yards.
  • Senior/ladies: These flex types are designed to be used by anyone who primarily hits the ball at distances below 175 yards off the tee.
What does the loft indicate with Adams irons?

When you are selecting Adams irons, you will notice that they are listed as having a certain amount of loft to them, the lowest of which is around 7.5 degrees with the highest being close to 60 degrees. The loft refers to the angle at which the club face hits the ball. With a lower loft, the trajectory of the ball will also be low, providing you with the means of hitting with more distance, although you will need to make sure that the swing is smooth in order for your accuracy to be on point. With a higher loft, the trajectory will also be higher, which is commonly a goal when hitting from a bunker that is close to the green or a similar position. Higher trajectories might help you avoid placing too much spin on the ball before it reaches its target.

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