Mercedes-by-side e UTV rodas, pneus e peças

ATV, Side-by-Side, and UTV Wheels and Tires

ATV tires and wheels are part of a category that fits UTVs and golf carts as well. They come in a variety of sizes and tread designs that fit most ATV models in use today. You can find items suitable for repairing damage, replacing worn ATV tires, or stocking tires for different terrains.

How do you read ATV tire size codes?

The codes used to describe UTV tires are not the same as those used for car tires. The standard code used to indicate an ATV tire size uses at least three numbers in a format like this: 22x11-8. In this example, a fully inflated tire is 22 inches tall, 11 inches wide (measuring across the tread), and fits an 8-inch wheel. You will also sometimes see a bolt pattern code added that looks like this: 4/108. This means the tire fits wheels with four bolts that are 108 millimeters apart.

How do you choose the right tire for your ATV?

Choosing a good SXS tire for your ATV involves a few factors. Below are some things to take into consideration:

  • Type of terrain: The terrain youll be driving over most of the time will determine the type of treads youll want on your ATVs tires.
  • Wheel and tire size: The next thing to look at is the size of the side-by-side tires that fit your ATV. The tires will need to fit its wheels, but the height and width can vary as long as theres enough clearance and the ATV remains stable.
  • Tire warranty: Tires are rated by the manufacturer for mileage like car tires, so take this into consideration when pricing SXS tires.

When is it time to replace ATV tires?

Side-by-side tires wear out in the same way that car tires do. As the treads are worn away, they lose depth and the ability to grip the ground. When you notice that youre losing traction, its time to think about replacing your ATVs tires. Other signs that the tires are ready for retirement are cracks in the sidewalls and leaky inlet valves. Another reason to replace UTV tires is a change in the type of terrain over which you drive your ATV.

What are offset wheels used for?

ATVs sometimes use offset wheels to improve stability by adjusting the overall space between the front or rear tires. Generally speaking, a wider wheel base is less likely to overturn. Wheels are offset when the hub is closer to one side of the wheels than the other. This shifts the position of the tires forward or backward a few inches. Offset wheels will be indicated by a code like this: 3B+5N. This means the wheel diameter is a total of 8-inches, with 3 inches between the hub and the inside wheel edge and 5 inches from the hub to the outside wheel edge.