Mercedes-by-side e UTV Carroceria e Chassi

ATV, Side-by-Side & UTV Body & Frame

ATV body frames provide structure and support for the entire vehicle. They should also be able to withstand the wear and tear of different terrains. You can find a variety of ATV body frames made out of tough, quality materials and with excellent workmanship.

How often should you wash your ATV frame?

The first step to caring for and maintaining an ATV body frame is to clean it. Giving your machine a good scrub down is better done sooner rather than later. This is because once the dirt and grime dry, they will be harder to remove. It is also better for your vehicle because leaving grime on the frame can cause damage that will need repair. With a little bit of routine care, you can prevent damage to the bearings, seals, chain, and sprockets as well as corrosion on the ATV frame.

How should you clean your ATV frame?

This task is similar to washing a car or truck. You can obtain a variety of useful equipment, such as rags and brushes, as well as cleaners and degreasers to help keep your vehicle looking shiny and new. Here are the steps to getting your machine clean for your next ride:

  • First, spray down your entire machine with water and a reliable cleaning solution. This should include any plastic pieces, the handlebars, the frame, the seat, the tires, and the wheels. If possible, use warm water to remove dirt and debris faster.
  • Then, utilize a degreasing product on the chain, sprockets, and anywhere else you see that lubrication from the chain has attracted dirt. Be careful not to use degreasing products on the plastic parts.
  • Once you are ready to rinse, be sure to put a muffler plug in place to keep water from getting into the exhaust pipe. You may also want to consider an airbox cover. This allows you to clean out the air-filter box while avoiding exposing your engine or carburetor to dirt, water, or debris.
  • If you decide to use a pressure washer, do so with caution. Use a mild soap and a rag or brush to scrub your ATVs body, including the ATV frame. Be sure to reach all of its parts, from the front to the rear.
  • Then, dry your ATV with a heavy towel and a microfiber cloth. These help prevent and remove water spots and streaks. You can also use compressed air for drying areas that are hard to reach by hand.
  • Finally, you can shine your ATV up by using a silicone spray on the plastic pieces and rubbing the ATV body frame with your microfiber cloth.