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Restore Your Display to Its Former Glory with Monitor Replacement Parts

Screens have evolved alongside improvements in graphics capabilities of both laptops and desktops. Many laptop displays are now capable of high refresh rates that play in tandem with improved graphics hardware for smooth and unparalleled gaming and media performance. But when the screen unfortunately fails, sending the laptop to the shop for a screen replacement should be the last resort. Replacement screens are plentiful, and a repair is usually very easy, even on laptops.

What Types of ASUS Displays Are Available?

  • Laptop: Just like desktop monitors, laptop monitors are made in different measurements. Laptop screens are extremely thin and fragile, so impacts on the screen usually spell the death of a laptop display. Luckily, a replacement can easily be ordered and you can install it yourself oftentimes without disemboweling your laptop to replace it.
  • Desktop Monitors: Desktop LCD screens are much larger in comparison to laptop screens and can often be brighter. These have internal power supplies and processors, which in recent times have shrunk in size but increased in terms of efficiency. This led to slimmer monitors with reduced power consumption.

How to Buy Replacement Screens?

  • Model: Check your owners manual to determine the model of your monitor before buying a screen replacement. On desktop monitors, you can find the model number and other specifications in the stickers behind the unit. Before you replace or repair your monitor, compare the format of the fastener holes and layout of the cables to be sure you have the right replacement LCD.
  • Resolution: The replacement LCD screen may have the same measurement of the broken LCD but may actually be of lower resolution. Check the model number on the manufacturer website to know the specifications exactly.

Examples of Notable ASUS Computer Monitors

  • ROG Strix XG35VQ: This 35-inch curved screen has advanced features to enhance your gaming experience. It has a rapid refresh rate of 100 Hz and is compatible with Adaptive-Sync for fluid gameplay when paired with compatible video cards. The increased refresh rate significantly reduces motion blur while keeping visuals clear and detailed.
  • MG278Q: This gaming monitor has a 27-inch 2K resolution screen that features AMD FreeSync technology for smooth, flicker-free, and tear-free visuals. The screen can be elevated or brought down via the rails on the solid stand, while its different viewing modes can let you personalize its color output.
  • ROG SWIFT PG278QR: This has a custom heatsink design that cools down the monitor effectively during long gaming sessions. It can pivot 90-degrees clockwise on its own, so there is no need for separate monitor mounts. This, along with swivel, height adjustment, and tilt functions let you achieve the viewing sweet spot. 

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