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Find a Replacement LCD Screen for Your ASUS Cell Phone

When the screen on your cell phone goes bad or is damaged by an accidental drop, the phone may still be functional. You can try to repair it yourself with the required spare parts, tools, and instructions. You can find the right LCD screen for your ASUS phone and learn more about it here.

How does a cell phone's screen work?

Modern smartphone screens consist of two components. The glass plate on the outside is a touch-sensitive digitizer screen with special electronics that detects your fingertips when you touch it. Underneath the digitizer is an LCD display that lights up and displays graphics. LCD displays are grids of tiny diodes that illuminate individual pixels to create the images you see. Each of these components has its own cable that connects it to the phone's motherboard. In many smartphones, these parts of the screen are sold together with the front frame as a complete unit because it is more convenient to replace the entire screen.

When is it time to change the LCD phone screen?

LCD displays can wear out from age, fail due to manufacturing defects, or be damaged physically from an impact with a hard object. Here are some of the symptoms you may encounter when these things happen:

  • Dead pixels: LCD displays consist of a grid of tiny diodes that are like microscopic light bulbs. Like light bulbs, they sometimes burn out, leaving a dark speck on the screen. They can also get stuck on, creating a permanent white dot.
  • Light or dark patches: Some LCD displays can develop areas of darker or lighter illumination. Again, this is caused by a physical defect in the display itself.
  • Shattered or scrambled images: If physical impacts break the LCD screen, it may cause it to display jumbled or broken-looking graphics.
  • Dark screen: If the display's power or data wires break, it can simply refuse to turn on and remain black when you turn your phone on.
What is needed to replace an LCD screen?

The exact tools and parts needed will vary from one model to the next for ASUS cell phones. There are many repair kits that come with the special tools and detailed instructions included in the package. Generally speaking, repairing internal cell phone components will require plastic prying tools, picks, and specific screwdrivers like Torx or Phillips.

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