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Get a Head Start With ASICS Running Shoes for Women

ASICS Running Shoes for Women

ASICS is a Japanese athletics firm founded in 1949 by Kihachiro Onitsuka. Through its 70-year history, ASICS has produced some of the top-tier athletic shoes for women. Athletes can collaborate with designers and allow everyone to share their stories.

What features does ASICS incorporate in women's running shoes?

Since its introduction, ASICS has worked to improve its previous designs, making them more athlete-friendly. The brand aims at providing you with safe, comfortable, and strong shoes. Thus, ASICS women's running shoes have these features:

  • Gel technology: One of the greatest innovations from ASICS is the gel technology introduced in 1986. The technology incorporates a gel-like substance that is added to the midsole. The gel offers you a smooth ride by absorbing any impacts your foot makes.
  • Impact guidance: This system is another major feature incorporated in ASICS road running shoes. The guidance system works with an external heel counter and plates in the midsole to give you a natural foot movement when running.
  • FlyteFoam: Apart from the EVA foam, ASICS has also added FlyteFoam that is tougher than the EVA midsole. FlyteFoam is not only durable, but also makes the running shoes lighter.
ASICS Running Shoes

How has ASICS reinvented running shoes?

ASICS creates shoes that will improve the performance, safety, and comfort of men and women, taking into account their different structural and hormonal characteristics, as well as their varying the gait patterns and lower-limb mechanisms. Here are the ways the firm is creating women's running shoes.

  • Heel-to-foot ratio: ASICS running shoes for women are shaped to fit them, considering that their feet are shaped differently than those belonging to men. Thus, there are hardly any incidences of heel slippage.
ASICS Running Black Shoes for Women
  • Bounce-back performance: ASICS has also improved the bounce-back feature in women's running shoes. ASICS has adopted Solyte, a less dense foam in the midsole. Solyte offers female runners more bounce and more impact absorption.
  • Arch height: ASICS has developed a Trusstic system in the women's running shoes to offer the ideal levels of flexibility and support for changing arch levels, in accordance with women's fluctuating estrogen levels.

ASICS running shoes vs. ASICS running shoes vs. Nike running shoes

Here is a comparison between ASICS running shoes, ASICS running shoes, and Nike running shoes.

ASICS running shoes ASICS running shoes Nike running shoes
Fit True to size A bit small A little bit small
Sizing 5 - 14 4 - 13 5 - 15
Closures Laces Laces Laces
Collections 28 37 102

How do newer ASICS running shoes compare to older models?

When creating trail running shoes, women's stability is among the factors considered by ASICS. Thus, the firm updates its newer models with stability features while maintaining consistency. The brand is also making newer shoes lighter and more durable. The upper mesh is among the main upgrades, too. The firm aims at making a durable upper mesh that is flexible. Newer ASICS shoes have FlyteFoam cushioning that supports your feet and makes each landing comfortable. ASICS shoes are designed for running, walking, and exercising. You will find ASICS running shoes for women in sizes ranging from U.S. 6.5 to 12. See the manufacturer's site for details.

ASICS Running Grey Shoes for Women

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