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AMMCO Automotive Brake Lathes

Automotive brake lathes are vital tools for any auto repair shop. Refurbishing rotors and drums helps keep drivers safe and can eliminate annoying noises from cars. AMMCO brake lathes are available in several models that offer the functions and features you need for quality work.

What is a brake lathe used for?

A brake lathe is a machine that corrects irregularities in rotors and drums. If the brake parts have worn unevenly or have surface rust, they can cause vibration and noise in the car’s brakes. The brake lathe restores a smooth surface, returning the parts to optimal working order.

What types of brake lathes are available from AMMCO?

AMMCO offers two types: disc-only and combination. Many cars have disc brakes on the front and drum brakes on the rear. The disc machine allows you to service the wheels that require superior stopping power and produce the most wear on the braking system. The combination machine offers full service for both disc and drum brakes. This is also important if you frequently service older cars that have the drum type on all four wheels.

What features do AMMCO brake lathes have?

The disc-only and combination lathes share many features. Some features are only available on a selection of the styles.

  • Precision: The brake lathes can calibrate depths to thousandths of an inch. This level of precision ensures smooth operation of the brakes.
  • Speed: The disc model has spindle speed options of 100 or 200 RPM. Combination models may run at 100 and 200 RPM or 60, 80, and 115 RPM. The varying speeds allow you to turn small pieces quickly and large pieces more slowly.
  • Capacity: The standard steel arbor is suitable for weights up to 100 pounds. The heavy-duty arbor can handle a maximum weight of 200 pounds.
  • Feed rates: Depending on the model, AMMCO lathes give you a choice of two feed rates. The feed rate may also be controlled by computer. Different feed rates allow you to make a rough initial pass and end with a fine, smooth finish.
  • Twin cutter: The twin cutter tool works on both sides of the rotor at once for a more efficient process.
  • Drum support bar: AMMCO combination brake lathes have full-drum supports. This ensures that the parts are always held at the correct angle for resurfacing.
  • Ergonomic design: AMMCO machines are designed for safe, comfortable operation and require very little movement by the operator.
  • Quick changeover: The combination brake lathes have a quick changeover feature. This lets you switch between drums and rotors with minimum down time.
  • Single-pass finishing: The more advanced AMMCO combination lathes feature single-pass finishing with positive-rake toolbits. Achieving precision machining with just one pass saves time and increases the number of jobs you can do in a day.
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