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6-String Acoustic Guitars

Whether youre a new deluxe acoustic guitar player or picking up the stringed instrument after some time off, there are a multitude of guitars to choose from when looking at acoustic options. You can pick from different body styles, brands, and accessories, each of which has a unique sound. When youre picking out your next acoustic guitar, take a look at the options available and find the one that will give you and your listeners hours of musical entertainment.

What body styles are available for acoustic guitars?

  • Dreadnought - The dreadnought acoustic guitar is larger than most 6-string acoustic guitars. This provides a deep, bold, louder sound, richer than other body styles. They can be rounded, cutaway, or standard.
  • Parlor - These 6-string acoustic guitars are well-suited for use in dance and folk. They take lighter strings due to their small size. They have a middle-of-the-range-tone.
  • Jumbo - The name of these guitars say it all, as they are extremely large. They are designed for players wanting to be as loud as possible.
  • Youth - These lightweight, smaller 6-string guitars are designed for the new guitar player who isnt quite ready for the larger and heavier models.

What effect does the body material have?

  • Cedar - Cedar is designed for smaller acoustic guitars and small strings. These guitars are played using finger playing, as they are very sensitive to touch.
  • Mahogany - The sound of a mahogany guitar is balanced overall, with equal treble, mid-range, and bass. It is a solid choice for players who intend to record music.
  • Maple - The bright aesthetics of the maple guitar will liven up any show. It is more of a treble guitar than a bass.
  • Rosewood - Acoustic guitars made of rosewood are good choices for players who are looking for a blend of bass and treble, as they even both sounds nicely.
  • Spruce - There are several varieties of spruce wood. These acoustic guitars are have a higher resonance and are typically played with fingers, not picks.

What accessories are good for playing acoustic guitars?

Whether youre first starting to play the acoustic or getting back to the guitar scene, youll need a variety of accessories such as picks, a tuner, and a strap. Youll want to pick up acoustic strings, as the ones on your guitar will wear out over time and need to be replaced. Once youre more advanced and on the road to shows and gigs, dont forget a gig bag to protect your investment.