A Look at the 4P4C Plugs That Connect to Telephone Handsets and Phone Equipment

Telephone handset cords and plug products are accessories that connect phone equipment in a commercial or residential environment. These 4P4C pieces are manufactured in two ways with some items only having a plug while several other options are designed with a plug that's attached to a cable or adapter. The plugs that are mounted on a cable are long, and each piece provides reasonable stack because an average line has a practical length.

What is a phone plug connector?

A 4P4C phone plug connector is made out of a plastic material. Underneath this housing, there are multiple wires that transmit sounds. All connectors have a box shape that mounts in the docking port on a traditional telephone wall jack. After a plug is secured in an outlet, the cable accesses the telephone network.

What are the cable lengths?

Cords for phones that are used in general areas are somewhat short. On average, the shortest varieties are typically less than 5 feet long. Pieces that are slightly longer than the short varieties are 6 feet to 14 feet, and accessories that provide more stack are 15 feet to 24 feet. The longest cords can run throughout multiple spaces in a commercial or residential environment because they're 25 to 34 feet long. You'll also find very long phone cords that are more than 55 feet.

What are the plug brands and design options?

Multiple brands design cable and plugs for telephone hardware. The main options include:

  • GE: GE makes phone cords like handset cords with a white housing and a black housing. Many pieces by this brand are 15 feet long.
  • Plantronics: Plantronics designs phone cords that mount in the port on a wall outlet and coiled options that attach to the housing on a corded telephone base. The coiled options provide reasonable slack because the material stretches.
  • RadioShack: RadioShack manufactures quick-connect pieces for telephone handsets. These accessories have a modular plug.
  • Vanco: Vanco also makes modular plugs for telephone cords. This brand builds conductors for various phone handsets.
How do the flat and coiled products mount in place?

Cables that are connected to flat or coiled lines have a plug with a flexible piece. After this plug is placed in the matching port that's found on the side of a telephone handset or on the top of a phone outlet, the mechanism snaps. The snapping motions lock the plug in place, and a plug can only be removed by pressing and holding the plastic piece.